Monday, July 28, 2014

These drinks help you lose weight fast

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Another good shape and always seductive dream of ever burning women. To get that, besides practicing sports daily, you cannot not pay attention to diet. So what to drink to lose weight fast and effectively?

Water filter

When seeking answers to the question "What to Drink lose weight?" Girlfriends skipped water. But this is the easiest way to lose weight that you can apply at any time. Drinking plenty of water will help to promote digestion and metabolic processes in the body, help you burn more calories.

Also, drinking water regularly also helps you dispel hunger and reduce cravings, thus limiting the amount of food intake.

Chrysanthemum tea, licorice

Every day a cup of chamomile tea, licorice heat effect, sober beverage to help you start a fresh new day. You can do it right at home drink per day also works to lose weight effectively.


1 small dried chrysanthemum

5 slices of licorice

1 teaspoon honey

400g boiling water


For dried chamomile tea on average, a little boiling water processing wait 1 minute, then skip the first water. After more than licorice tea pots for water and wait for 5 minutes.

Pour the tea into a glass of water, a little honey and stir well. Use the optional heater for hot summer days, but add a little ice to drinking every day, it's refreshing.


For women, milk as a friend because it not only helps beautify the skin, but also helps us stay in shape. Milk is rich in calcium, it will help your body to "kill" the fat cells. If you regularly drink milk at a moderate dose (about 2-3 cups per day), our bodies will be reduced by at least 10kg in 6 weeks. This is really a good news for those who love to drink milk. However, you should also remember that if we drink too much milk, it will cause unwanted adverse effects.

Grapefruit Juice

The recent trial by experts in the field of nutrition has come up with conclusions about the use of grapefruit juice. Only 3 cup grapefruit juice is split up in a day, after 12 weeks, you will decrease from 1.5 kg to 4.5 kg. Not only the results for women, grapefruit juice is also effective for men.

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