Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lose weight effectively with carrots

Maybe you know carrots are a natural beauty foods extremely effective. It is not the goal of carrots. However, it is also a natural foods to lose weight extremely effective and safe. AM Weight Loss will share you some information about that, And you can read more about how to weight loss with green coffee and Green Coffee Bean Benefits

In addition to these effects help to beautify the skin, treatment of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, kidney failure ... you can use carrots as a weight-loss secrets of their own.

Carrots help you lose weight effectively 

In co carrots contain high levels viatmin A and more than 10 other micronutrients such as vitamin B1, B2, C, D, E, K, calcium ... causing carrots not only increase the body absorb nutrients and promote metabolism faster but also helps boost the body immunity, strengthen eyesight and help skin bright, lush vitality.

Vegetable fiber is abundant in carrots are effective ways to lose weight from carrots unexpected. In addition, the high fiber content makes good body control cravings sweets and vegetable fat. Therefore, not only carrots protects the digestive system, but also helps to balance blood sugar.

Thus, the carrots will be the first choice to add to the menu of your weight loss every day.

What should you do with carrots? 

This is a weight loss foods are easy to prepare and use, you can directly use it as a salad combined with the other fruits and vegetables, using it as a weight loss drinks and also can process it into attractive dishes. And here are some tips how to make your carrots for a perfect meal to lose weight.

Carrot Salad 

This will be a snack or a great side dishes for your meal.

To do this you need mon sa lad preparing carrots, cucumber, lemon, chilli, coriander, sugar and a little roasted peanuts.

Embark on the first processed, you wash carrots, cut the stalk off, peel thin crust then began the long fiber cells. Peel cucumber and fibroblasts to. Lemon slice, juice squeezed into a small bowl. Cut peppers hey fiber damage is small. Cut coriander root, soaked in salt water for 2 minutes, drain.

The next, you have lemon juice and 2 tablespoons sugar in a bowl, and mix up. Sweet and sour sauce are poured into the mixture, mix for infiltration. Add a little pepper, onion, non-aromatic blend will make your salad more flavor. Now just for the disc, sprinkle with roasted peanuts and enjoy it.

Carrots and chicken breast 

The perfect combination of two foods will not only help you have a delicious dish but also help you lose weight more effectively here. You can capture 1-2 tubers per day by eating raw or boiled, and the amount of memory and processing chickens, depending on user preference and the amount that you want. Carrots are high in fiber will eat for satiety, while the chicken breast is almost no fat. It is a perfect choice for your weight loss plan, right?

Carrot juice 

Use carrot juice every day not only helps beautify the skin but also tapered shape. Only 2 carrots, washed clean, sliced ​​round, bringing pureed get water, use 1-2 cups before meals, so that you do not have to starve anymore. Let's apply this measure within 1 month you will see the effect that it brings.

In addition, you can also turn it into a delicious dish with vitamins combined with yogurt and tomato. In the short time that you get a delicious drink to have effective slimming effect.

Carrots contain only cacbohydrates and simple lines, besides, it also contains a lot of fiber and protein, low calorie. Carrots contain vitamin should be the ideal diet food, more nutritious without causing obesity. So read more about weight loss at here

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