Wednesday, September 17, 2014

8 things you should remember to get within 2 slim

In addition to the longer training "secrets" that will help you accelerate to set your goals? The following article will give you the answer. And you can read more about How To Lose Weight In 30 Days for weight loss plan

To get round 2 beautiful countryside, no excess fat you need a mechanism to train and diet properly. However, there are still many people the start of practice still makes mistakes surplus fat in round 2 reduces unwanted.

Grip "way way back" 

Many women desire quickly because there is within 2 slim, no fat fold surfaces that fasting all day or just staring at the gym. This does not have the best weight loss results but also leads to numerous health consequences. You should know in order to reduce excess abdominal fat body, you need a combination of diet, exercise science and fitness to help you quickly slim waist effect.

In their menu you must ensure they provide enough food for the body to not fall into a hormone imbalance. If you eat too few calories (below 1200 calories / day) will make the fat burning hormone levels decrease - the hormone leptin. It is this will make the weight loss plan and reduce your fat within 2 slowed down. And if you just take care practice without science diet then of course the results will not be high.

To care about the magic of body shape 

You may be able to help effectively doubled miniature round 2 by performing exercises with exciting dance form gives you good posture of the body such as Rhumba, Jive ...

Provide enough water for the body 

Every day you miss offer from 1.5 to 2 liters of water in the body, this will help purify, detoxify the body. Water helps you lose weight effectively, especially if you drink water before, during and after meals. Every morning wake up if you drink a glass of warm water will help your digestive system work better, help detoxify and burn calories to the body.

In addition to water, you can drink some juice from green vegetables, lemon juice, green tea ... to reduce flatulence, body purification.

Avoid stress 

You should minimize excessive stress, because if you always constant stress hormone cortisol will increase reserves abdominal fat body. Try to keep the spirit of comfortable, minimize stress by: chatting with friends, a hot bath, watch funny videos ...

Exercise for the whole body 

Instead of training on abdominal exercises only, you should choose the exercise help you lose body weight as exercise effective for weight loss from the dances, related to motion of the abdominal muscles, not only compact but also within 2 combined impact on the different muscle groups. If you only exercise for a muscle group, the results will not be brought to safety.

Diversity exercises 

A variety of simple exercises in balance plans such as walking, cycling, ring shake, dance ... will help you work more effectively to further celebrate the fat layer.

Eating monounsaturated fats 

Regular food supplement rich in monounsaturated fatty acids such as avocados, almonds, olive oil in the diet will help burn the excess fat from the body effectively, especially belly fat.

Fresh foods 

To avoid flatulence, bloating should not eat foods high in salt, fat and sugar in your diet should eat more green vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, do not eat the canned food is also a way help you reduce fat in the abdomen. Besides, you can choose a best program for weight loss to boost lose weight fast: Best Fat Burner For Women – The Venus Factor\

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