Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lose weight simply by lemon and honey

Science has proven weight loss with lemon and honey works well for weight loss. So why do not you try to quickly slim physique property? If you are a men and you want to weight loss fast you can use Best Fat Burner For Men

Nothing lemon help you lose weight?
Lemon juice rich in citric acid content works intestinal cleanse, remove toxins and prevent fluid accumulation in the body. Thanks to its high acidity, lemon juice effects hinder the absorption of sugar into the blood after each meal, and the scientific research shows that lemon juice cause acidity in the digestive system evident than in the absorption of calcium. Calcium absorption from food is stored in the cells, fat cells store more calcium is likely to be burned and destroyed higher.

Honey: "fresh food" amazing weight loss 

Everyone knows you use too many sugary foods, sugar foods are not absorbed by the body directly without going through the process of transformation into more easily absorbed substances, the process of change that leads to the the remaining fruit sugar is not metabolized or absorbed by the body is not going to accumulate in the body leads to diabetes, obesity. That is why honey is considered "fresh food" weight loss effects.

In the composition of honey also contains a large amount of sugar from 75% - 80%. But spiders, sugar exists in the form that the body can absorb directly through without any conversion process. Thus, excess sugar builds up in the body because honey is absolutely no. At the same time, the ratio of glucose and honey fuctozo nearly 1: 1 - this is an ideal rate for liver helps the body fight the risk of heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Energy content contained in honey is also considered low factor helps the body lose weight fast. Some people use honey to replace sugar in some normal functions because of the honey 100g body we only get about 294 calories, the energy levels of the body which is still low and that factor helps the body lose weight fast.

The unique combination between lime and honey help reduce weight fast
The use of lime will do much to lower your blood pressure or the use of lemon in the morning, nothing had stomach is not only drinking lemon water help you lose weight, but not vice versa will increase the amount of acid in the stomach easily lead to ulcers. Particularly honey if using too much will also cause hypertension and instead of losing weight will lead to obesity.

Coordinate with lemon and honey is a way to reconcile efficiency and increase maximum weight loss plan, bring out the optimum performance of the body. The collaboration has just the right amount of lemon and honey with just enough energy and time together with your usage will show results quickly and satisfactorily.

However, you should exercise caution when using honey and lemon, in certain doses can differ as to the characteristics of each type of dominant negative lead to harm to the body. Honey least, many people when mixing honey with lemon or tea using water at elevated temperatures. The Republic of honey with lemon in hot water will not be able to maintain the color, natural flavor, but also break the nutritional composition of honey.

Mixing lemon
- Honey
- Fresh Lemon
- Sliced ​​fresh lemon into clean glass jars, then pour honey into jars full.
- Close the lid tightly in the refrigerator.
- For the past few days that can be used.
- Lemon honey dipping into a spicy sweet and sour aroma. Sometimes when it's cold you feel tired, sore throat, headache, cold, or simply that you want a cup of warm tea, choose fragrant mouth with lemon. You just take the bottle with lemon in the fridge, for a cup and spoon filling into hot water, stir and sip enjoy. That is the great taste of fruit, from natural honey makes you feel warm and healthy.
- If you love to be able to add a tea spoon of lemon and honey, the tea will be more tasty but healthy.
- Only takes only 3 minutes you can have a delicious drink is a natural miracle drug.

For quick property waist, shape your standard drink lemon water every day good for health, just as beautiful and effective weight loss for you. Besides, if you are teenagers so Fat Burning Pills for Teenagers good for you to boost weight loss fast.

Wish you successful weight loss!

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